What are Horse Trials?


The origins of horse trials now known as Eventing, lie in the use of the horse for military combat. Each event comprises of three different tests



test obedience, training and flair


Cross Country

test courage, speed and stamina


Show Jumping

tests agility, accuracy and precision


Events are held thoughtout the country, from March to October where men and women compete on an equal footing, as do the top International riders and grass roots competitors.


Why Support Burgie?


Eventing is the fastest growing of all the equestrian sports, with Britian at the forefront. There are nearly 200 events held across Britian, 13 within Scotland and 3 of those are us!


Becoming a sponsor at Burgie will bring exposure to your company through both local and regional media and offers you opportunities through our website and social media where we have over 3,000 followers.





Sponsorship Opportunites 2017

Title Sponsorship


The Event itself will be called

"The (your company name) Burgie Horse Trials" In 2017 Burgie will be celebrating their 40th Birthday, so it is sure to be a big celebration!


Our Main Class - The Novice - will be named after your Company and publicised in the Equestrian Press Nationwide


Benefits during the Horse Trials


  • The Cross Country Commentator will frequently mention the name of the Company which will resonate over the whole site.


  • There will be an advertisment of your choosing in the programme.


  • All the Events are open to the public but at the June Event we are promoting it and providing Children's entertainments, shopping & "all the fun of the fair"! Then, as at the others, there are hundreds of people on site as Owners, Riders, Officials, helpers who are all constantly hearing about the sponsors


  • Your name will be heard on Moray Firth Radio several times in the week running up to the June Event



Sponsorship 2017


Sponsor both Events                                                                                                                                      £4500


The Summer Event - June 17th & 18th                                                                                                           £2,000


Wee Burgie - September 17th (Main Class is Novice)                                                                                    £1000


or, for Each Event:


Sponsor the Novice                                                                                                                                          £600

Sponsor the BE100 or the BE90                                                                                                                      £450per section


The Water Jump (includes all classes)                                                                                                            £400

Key fences in all classes                                                                                                                                  £150

All other fences                                                                                                                                                £100

A banner in the main arena                                                                                                                             £  50


Arena Eventing- This exciting competition consists of Show Jumping and cross country fences within the main arena, where penalties and time decide on the placings. In June, Burgie is holding a qualifying event for "The British Eventing Arena Eventing Series and Championship" which the final is held at Blair Castle Horse Trials in September.


In 2016 we have Arena Eventing at our April & June Events on the Saturday.


Sponsorship of these classes:

Novice, BE100 & BE90                                                                                                                               £400 £175 per class


We are happy to accomodate the needs of our sponsors to maximise publicity for you company and or brand, making it both enjoyable and benefical experience for your buisness.


Cross Country Fence Sponsorship


Our course is always needing updating and up keep.

This year we would like to introduce some new fences and this is your opportunity to have a permanent place at burgie for years to come........


One Cross Country Jump (portable with logo on  it for lifetime for the jump)        £450

Bespoke portable with choosen design                                                                 £550-£1000

Set of portable  jumps with logo (4 jump, one at each height)                               £2000

Permanent Cross Jump (choose design for lifetime of the jump)                           £700-£2000























Sponsorship packs are now available

Please email secretary@burgie.org with your details and we will send one to you